Friday, October 2, 2009

Dog Tired

Most of these pictures are for Ryan. I know that it has taken me a while to upload them. So what happened was, I lost my charger and I haven't been able to download any pictures. I was able to buy a new one and these pictures are from Washington and our first day in Oregon. Yes I know, Ethan is wearing the same outfit in both pictures and they were taken almost 3 weeks apart. What is a mother to do? So here Ethan was so tired and he was refusing to go to bed. He wanted to stay and play with some cousins. As Amanda and I were folding clothes, he just layed down on the arm of the chair and fell asleep. How adorable is that little arm hanging off the side!?!

This is what Ethan did as soon as we walked into Grandma and Grandpa Clark's house. Ran straight to the dog and was so excited to play he didn't know what to do, so he showed me how strong he was. I was actually trying to get him to smile and I got these "stoned" face from him. In order to get him to show you his "tricks" there is an order and that order is strong, smile, giving 5, pound it and then..hiccups. And here he is doing the beginning of the 5. I really am so proud!

"So Strong!!"

And finally, the smile! Or some of one. And yes, his smile is squinting his eyes. What a character.

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  1. Ethan looks so much like Ryan in the picture with his mouth open , asleep on the chair. I think my mom has a picture of Ryan just like that when he was a baby.