Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ethan,Baseball and Pedito

The other day, mom and I were cleaning the kitchen and we left Ethan watching his Mickey Mouse clubhouse movie. When we walked through the living room this is what we found. I was so surprised to see Pedito climbed up to sit next to Ethan. He has become a pro at annoying and chasing the dog. He has been loving every minute of it, but I can't help but feel bad for the dog.

Sweet smiles and even Pedito recognizing the camera. Really is there a cuter couple?

And now we are way to engrossed in the movie to pay attention to mom and the camera. Notice also that his binkie is NOT in his mouth! He is only allowed to have it when he is getting ready for bed, granted if you look really close, you'll see that he is eating a string cheese. Food sometimes wins over the binkie!

Ethan has had so much fun watching baseball with Grandpa. He has a little bat and has to have it in his hand when there is a game on. He hasn't quite mastered the fundamentals of how to actually hold the bat. I know that daddy has worked on it with him, but somehow that has slipped his mind.

Batting in action ends up looking like this. He is now realizing that in order to hit like a pro, it helps if you aren't sitting on a chair. That and holding the bat just right usually helps too. Ethan is into bringing a bigger ball to me so that I can throw it and he can practice his swing. It normally goes something like: mom throws, the ball hits the bat, Ethan swings late. A few times he has gotten the timing down to swinging when the ball is in front of the bat and then sometimes the ball ends up in the crook of his arm.
We really have been so lucky to be with Grandparents while Ryan is away. Ethan has learned so much from them. He has loved helping grandma do the laundry and loves to be watching his sports with Grandpa. We are looking forward to spending some family holidays with all of our family and loved ones. Seeing how we haven't been home for Christmas in six years!! We just wish that Daddy could be here with us.

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  1. Kristina! How are you?! I'm glad I found your blog. Now I can spy on you guys and see how you are doing =) I miss you. I hope you are all doing well!