Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 years later

Wow, am I behind or what??? Life truly has gotten away from me. Ryan has made it home!! YEAH!!! We truly have been blessed for that! Ethan is growing like a weed! He is now 3 1/2 feet tall and people ask me all the time if my sweet little boy is 5. He will be 4 late January. I can't believe how quickly things have gone by!
We have had so much fun having Ryan home though. He has started school and is really doing good. He has his stressful days, but all in all, he has made the Dean's list every quarter. We have loved being closer to family and we have loved, or I have loved, being back in the Pacific Northwest. How I have missed it.
This last September, I started Joy School for Ethan. He is loving it! For those of you who don't know what Joy School is, it's like a co-op preschool. But they are learning more than just letters and numbers. They are learning about themselves. So far we've learned that our bodies have 5 different senses. I think my favorite was when Ethan told me that he heard what a snore sounds like. He is so funny!
The other day, Ryan and I were laughing at something. I can't remember what, but Ethan comes running into the room and looks at me, laughing with his hand over his mouth and says, "Mom we are laughing at each other." With smiles and laughter on his face. What a kid!
We have also been potty training. What a chore that is! But I am happy to say, I think the kid has finally got it! We have a few accidents here and there, but for the most part, I think we got it. Yeah for us!
As for me, I'm still teaching piano. Still love it! I have also discovered canning. This year, my mom and I have canned, peaches, pears, all kinds of delicious jams, and apple pie filling. I am in love with autumn for one more thing now.
I am missing all my wonderful friends, but I am loving having my wonderful family together more and more. We have been so truly blessed!
My brother got married almost a year ago now. Same with my brother in law. We have had a few family reunions this year and it has been so wonderful having my siblings near. There are a few still missing, but we are thinking of them too.
I love that Ethan is getting to know and love his grandparents. I think he is getting confused of who is who and which one goes to which one. He is in love with his family. Thanks guys.
I will try harder to stay on top of this better. That is definitely a goal. I want this to be my journal, and I want to do my part with that! Thanks for being patient with my tardiness in writing. And thanks for keeping an eye on all of us. Sure do love and miss you all!