Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthdays and fun

Since we've been closer to family, we've been able to actually do family things. Our dear and sweet Kellee, Ben's wife, had a birthday party at Tomato Street. They had a chalk board for the kids to write on. We were so lucky to have something to distract Ethan while everyone else was finishing up dinner and enjoying each others company.

Ethan is a pro at drawing on the board. Also at erasing. He has so much fun and is so curious about anything and everything that is going on. Gotta love our little man.
Happy Birthday Kellee.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picnic and Playtoy Fun.

The other day we had a family picnic in the park and we had so much fun. Ethan got to play with his cousins and he couldn't get enough! What was great about this play toy was the tunnels and the dinosaur, the slides and the running back and forth. It took him a while to get the gist of what to do, but once he did, he loved every second of it.
He would walk up each step and say "Step, step, step." till he reached the top. After I tool this picture of him on the slide he looked up and smiled. Of coarse he would wait till I had already snapped the picture. Oh well, what is a mother to do. He had so much fun!

They also had one of the cyclone slides. Ethan would climb the Dino and race as fast as he could to go through the tunnel to slide down. No fear what so ever with this kid! He got to a point where he didn't want to go down on his bottom, he slid down on his tummy, feet first. I tell you, I don't know what we are going to do with this kid!

The older boys would follow the kids around and pretend to scare them. This is one of the times that Ethan was trying to get away. They were all laughing so hard and just having a ball. Later that night, Ethan and I went back to play on the toys, after we had eaten, and some other kids were playing too. Ethan would chase them around and make monster noises because he wanted to play like the big boys again. He really had so much fun!
As we were eating dinner, Ethan had seen some birds flying by and wanted to chase them around. We walked up and down the path for a good 45 mins. just so we could try to catch a bird. I think he only had 2 bites of his supper and the rest of the time was playing. When we got home, I don't think he had anything else to eat that day. He was so tired, but wanted to play some more. What a kid! Bless his little heart, he just can't get enough of running and playing. While we were chasing birds, he decided he wanted to march instead of run. Then we tried walking backwards for a bit. I'm pretty sure that one day soon he is going to start skipping.
This is a picture of Ethan trying to going through the tunnel to get away from the older boys. Really he was headed for the slide. Also one of the last rides down the slide, it seems to be a shocking experience for him. But did I mention how much fun he had?

Life in Washington

As most of you know, Ryan has been sent away once again to the UAE for another six month deployment. Amanda came to help Ryan and I pack the house up and move west. We left New Jersey the 12th of August and made it to Spokane on the 15th. Poor Ethan was so tired on our travels he would lay on his pillow in the bed and just crash. This was in two different hotel rooms. Both after 10 hour days driving in the car. He did so good! What a trooper he is. I can't believe that he just layed down and went to sleep.

You can see that he had to be surrounded by pillows. This hotel was awesome! It was like a castle from the medieval times. Ethan had a ball walking the halls and looking at the murals on the wall of horses and knights jousting.
I wish I could say that these were taken in the hotel. Ryan thought that Ethan needed a new hair do, and this was the result. Do I need to say more? As for this other one, Ethan has learned from us, that you push buttons on this thing and it changes the TV. He is watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (his favorite) in his chair, with the remote. Need I say more with how terribly cute he is? Granted the play room needs some work, but all in all, he loves to play in his room.
Ethan and I will be staying with family for the next six months. Some time here in Washington and some in Oregon with Ryan's family. Ryan has also decided to not re-enlist, so he will be getting out of the military around March. We have applied for some jobs out west and we are hoping to be able to return to school. Ryan is almost done with his AA and we are hoping to have him use some of his time away from us to focus on finishing up. Luckily, Ryan is with his brother-in-law Ed and they have been able to spend some time together. I'm also hoping that it will help make some of the time go faster for the two of them.
We are so lucky to have such a supportive family and have a life so full of love. I'll try to keep up with the posts and getting all done that needs to be done. Enjoy our little family!

Family vacation again

So much has happened and I am so far behind, I hope that this will catch some of you up. Mom got married this last June, and we were able to come home and spend some time. These are some of the pics from this last visit. Mom and Carlos and the family, minus my oldest sister and her family. We sure did miss them.

I love these pictures of Ethan. He had so much fun playing at Uncle Ben's house. We were playing on the Wii and Ethan had to have his turn. Really is there anything more adorable than a boy and being super happy. He found Kellee's Swifer and had to swifer the floor too. He has turned in to a ball of fun! We truly are blessed to have him in our lives.

These are probably some of the best pictures that I own. I love that Ethan is wanting to be just like his daddy. Some day I hope to have Ethan do his own playing on the Wii and then Ryan and him can just have fun and play.
While we were there, we spent the day with my Dad and the family in Moses Lake. Max and Walter and Ryan were playing ball and Ethan wanted to join in. So they humored him and let him play with them for a while. I love this!!! Ethan had so much fun palying ball with dad! Our little football player in the making. Can you be any cuter?!