Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Labor Day Weekend

"Go Team!!! C'mon Gramps, you can do it too!!! "

So we had a ball Labor Day weekend. I didn't get to finish uploading all of our pictures and I'm hoping we get to now. Ethan and I arrived to Oregon the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend. Friday we left to Washington. We were able to visit with lots of family. The best was Ethan was just starting to get into his sports. Here he is watching some football with Grandpa. He found this little red rocking chair and just had to sit in it. Once again, watching some football with Grandpa. He has just loved being with his grandparents while daddy is away. I was really amazed at how well he warmed up to so many new faces in such a short time. I guess they really do remember who loves them.
A few weeks ago I posted Grandma reading to him about the hiccups. Here he was just being a ham for the camera. Grandma was reading, yet again, "Hiccups for Elephant" to Ethan. He loves to be read to!
Earlier that day we went and visited with Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon. Ethan wanted to color and Aunt Sharon was more than happy to oblige. So here he is smiling for the camera and just having some good fun!

He really did enjoy himself. I was so surprised how well he sat there and colored and drew and just all around did a great job. It was pretty late when we started for home and what a trooper he was!

I just love how he smiles in these pictures and how happy he is. He is such a great baby!

"Let's see if I can find more colors to use?!"

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  1. My mom told me you guys came to visit. I wish I would have known at the time so I could have stopped by. Ethan is darling.